How much of a difference can TSP Pilot make for your TSP account? As an example, in the 28 years since 1988 the passive, unmanaged and conservative TSP 2020 "L Fund" produced an average annualized return of just 8.8% while carrying a maximum draw down risk (Mdd) of nearly 32% while the The TSP PILOT Standard Portfolio was up over 10% per year annualized with a max draw down of only about 14.5%! For Pilot investors that was nearly double the performance of the L Fund while taking only one quarter of the risk!

While the C Fund, historically the most profitable until recently, FELL nearly 50% during the 2000-2003 tech bubble bust, the TSP Pilot account was actually UP almost 12% in that same period! In 2007-2009 the C Fund fell another 55%, while the average TSP Pilot Portfolio was actually UP 6%!

Click on the "Performance" tabs on the nav bar to see our expanded performance record. There are no miracles at work here and no promises to be made. No "predictions" are made, or can be made, for future prices of TSP funds. In fact anyone who tells you the future of any TSP fund can be predicted in advance is simply misleading you. What TSP Pilot does is keep you on the right side of the market, regardless of its direction, by optimizing your TSP account fund balance percentages to match the current market trend.

If you’re retired, or approaching retirement, your major concern should be a sharp decrease in the value of your Thrift Savings Plan account during market declines.

Since TSP Pilot sharply reduces your risk of being in the market while ALSO increasing your TSP risk-adjusted performance, it's an advisory you can't afford to be without.

TSP Pilot is a private, professional commercial service. TSP Pilot ONLY advises Thrift Savings Plan investors and only provides portfolio recommendations for the five Thrift Savings Plan funds.

Advising TSP subscribers is our ONLY business. This is not a sideline of some larger investment advisory business covering thousands of securities. All of our years of research have specifically targeted the five TSP funds to help you maximize your TSP returns.

TSP Pilot offers active, dynamically managed portfolios that employ effective, objective and thoroughly back tested, computer based systems to optimize and maximize the timing and selection of the TSP funds.

These heavily researched and sophisticated mathematical trend and time series systems determine the intermediate to long-term trends in each of the five TSP funds to keep your account on the right side of the markets.

Don't test the retirement waters alone. Put your TSP ship a league ahead by requesting your FREE BACK ISSUE or by SUBSCRIBING at our special reduced rates today!