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For 13 years the investment analysts at TSP Pilot have professionally counseled and assisted members of the...


U.S. Federal Thrift Savings Plan


respond to such difficult and crucial questions as...

  • Which TSP fund to buy and when?
  • Is now the right time to be in the TSP stock funds?
  • What role should the TSP G, C, S, I, F and L Funds play right now in MY TSP portfolio?
  • How much risk is there in the market for MY TSP account today?
  • And, most of all...

How much should I allocate to each Fund in my own Thrift Savings Plan account right NOW to maximize my account performance while minimizing my market risk?

All these questions and more are answered in the TSP Pilot advisories--the key to dramatically reducing the risk and improving the returns in YOUR Federal Thrift Savings Plan Account.

Take the Guesswork Out of Your TSP...

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TSP Pilot has been the largest single adviser to members of the Federal Thrift Savings Plan for thirteen years. The research team is dedicated specifically to assisting Federal employees with optimizing and maximizing their Federal Thrift Savings Plan accounts. Our chief investment analyst has over 40 years experience as a professional investment advisor and fund manager in the commodities, stock and options markets.

TSP Pilot now brings you tested, reliable and timely fund allocation percentages to maximize the performance of your TSP account.

How easy is it...?

Virtually any Thrift Savings Plan account holder can use TSP Pilot to improve investment results. No investing experience is necessary.

TSP Pilot will provide you with the optimum percentage allocations to plug directly into the TSP website for your own TSP account for each of the TSP funds (including the new L Funds)--and we'll tell you at the RIGHT time.

Using our simple How it Works instructions you visit the TSP website, click on "Account Access" then "Account Transactions" and enter the TSP Pilot allocation percentages for each of the five TSP Funds and you're good to go.

(Total time required--30 seconds!)

( Sample allocation screen from the TSP Website... )
( the L Funds are also included )

Investment Fund Current % New %
Total 100% 100%

What are the results...?

Over the last 28 years which included some of the best and some of the worst stock markets of last half century...

The TSP PILOT portfolios were up an average 10% to 11.9% per year with an Ulcer (market risk) Index of only 3.3...

What does that mean?  While the TSP C Fund, which mimics the S&P 500 index, returned the same 10% over the same 28 year period, TSP'ers would have suffered a drawdown of over 55%! That's nearly FOUR Times the market risk taken by our TSP Pilot Standard Portfolio--just to get the same 28 year 10% return!

Your TSP hard-earned retirement nest egg would have been more than cut in half several times during that period while our TSP Pilot Standard Portfolio would have taken only 14% normal corrective setback! That's what we call "sleep ability"!

Are you throwing money away and reducing your retirement nest egg by not being invested in the RIGHT TSP funds at the RIGHT time? The TSP Pilot Portfolios can help you maximize your Thrift Savings Plan returns while avoiding the devastation YOUR TSP account would suffer from another bear market.

In the 2000-2003 tech market bubble bust the TSP C Fund fell over 50%, and again, starting in 2007 the TSP stock funds fell for a second time over 50% in value by March of 2008. In the same period the TSP Pilot Standard Portfolio was down a mere 6.1%--a 700% reduction in risk! Even our new Aggressive Portfolio was down just 15.4% in the same period.

In fact while the TSP C Fund was some 25% LOWER at the end of 2009 than it was at its peak in October of 2007, the average TSP Pilot Portfolio was actually net HIGHER by over 6% in the same period!

TSP Pilot saved TSP investors literally hundreds of millions of dollars in 2008 alone.

TSP Pilot is not associated in any way with the U.S. Federal government and has absolutely no interest in acquiring your personal TSP plan information or in gaining access to your personal TSP account. That is entirely your own private and protected matter. We also do not provide individual investment advice or managed accounts.

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Great service. I've been sleeping at night now. Thanks guys!

Charles F., Arlington, VA

TSP Pilot has kept me in this market making money when I would have long ago blown myself out. Keep up the good work.

Tom T., Springfield MA

If it had not been for Pilot's advice, my TSP account would have taken a real bath last month.

R. W., Waterloo, IA

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