Virtually any Thrift Savings Plan account holder can use TSP Pilot to improve investment results. No investing experience is necessary.

TSP Pilot is not associated in any way with the U.S. Federal government and has absolutely no interest in acquiring your personal TSP plan information or in gaining access to your personal TSP account information. That is entirely your own private and protected matter. We also do not provide individual investment advice or managed accounts.

TSP Pilot's advisories will tell you exactly which fund balance percentages to plug into which funds on the TSP website completely simplifying the process for you.


All new TSP PILOT fund balance percentage alerts are sent to you via email for all TSP fund allocation/balance changes for both the Standard and Aggressive Portfolios. Those alerts will direct you to the newest TSP fund balance percentage recommendations and corresponding market commentary posted on our password protected Current Advisory Page (always be sure to refresh your browser window to download the current recommendations). In seconds you can then plug those new percentages directly into your own personal TSP account screen on the TSP website.

Always try to implement each new changed recommendation as soon as possible after receiving the email alert for BOTH your bi-weekly allocations AND your fund balances. If you must choose which to implement first always give priority to the balance changes.

Email alerts were previously only sent when TSP Pilot issued a change in recommended fund allocations/balance percentages. However, email alerts are now also sent when we merely provide an update to a previous commentary even if there is no change in the current percentage recommendations. When we are only issuing a market commentary update, and not making a change to our recommended TSP fund allocations/balance percentages, we will so advise you in each email notice the purpose of the notice.

The email alerts are sent to subscriber addresses of record in the overnight. When we issue a change in recommended fund percentages you will receive an alert before 11 AM EST the next day (the signal action day). Fund balance and allocation changes made to your TSP account by 11:00 am usually receive action on the close of the signal day. All TSP Pilot performance statistics assume an action on signal day +1 to provide for an even more conservative performance estimate.

Since more aggressive agency spam filters and email blocks can decrease reliable reception of incoming emails, it might be a good idea to proactively visit the TSP Pilot Current Advisory Page every morning to check for new allocation recommendations rather than to completely rely on notoriously unreliable email for receiving our notices.
We also suggest you, or your IT staff, "whitelist" our email alert vendor's sending IP server address ( ) to help insure your uninterrupted receipt of our email alerts.

On new market signal days the update to the fund percentages on the website usually takes place sometime the night before the "action day." The whole process shouldn't take more than a few seconds daily and may save a missed signal.

You can also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. our support desk to change an existing email address or to add an additional one for you to our alerts listserv.


As a TSP account holder you probably have access to your account particulars on the TSP website. If you don't already have access to the site as an account holder you'll first need to get an online account number and password from the Thrift Savings Plan. You can make that request via their TSP Account Access Page. Click on "Account Transactions" and request that your ID information be sent to you via U.S. mail. Again, TSP Pilot has absolutely no interest in acquiring your personal TSP plan information or in gaining access to your personal TSP account information. You will need to access your own account and use the newest fund balance percentage changes that we provide you to update your account accordingly.

Once you have your Password you can go to that directly to that TSP Account Access Page, click on "Account Transactions," enter your TSP account number and Password and login to the system to access your account.

When in the "Account Transactions Page" you should enter the newest TSP PILOT fund balance percentages twice. Post once under "Contribution Allocations" (which applies the percentages to your new contributions only), and then post again to "Interfund Transfers" (which will apply the fund allocation percentages to the main body of your account funds).

On November 19, 2007, the TSP Board (FRTIB) voted to restrict TSP account holders from making more than two interfund transfers in any one month. That policy will NOT impact future TSP Pilot recommendations in any way since two or fewer TSP fund transfers are recommended in any one month.

If you want to save a few seconds you can enter the newest TSP PILOT fund balance percentages into the "Interfund Transfer" screen only since that will impact the main body of your account. Once a month or so you can then also enter the percentages into the "Contribution Allocations" screen to apply the percentages to your new contributions as well as to your full balance. The resultant differences in performance should be minimal for selecting this simpler procedure.

In the example below once in the TSP website the newest TSP PILOT fund balance percentages are then entered into the far right column:

( Sample allocation screen from the TSP Website... )
( L Funds are also included )



You're then finished with the simple update process! You'll have spent about 30 seconds, perhaps 5-7 times a year, to dramatically increase your TSP account performance while accepting less market the risk. Not a bad bargain!


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