Most Amateur Fund Timers Lose Money

While effective fund timing is the key to TSP Pilot's success, fund or market timing in general has historically been much maligned by those who have used it badly, by investment industry professionals afraid of increased administration costs in the funds they manage, or by journalistic bias through misinformation.

However, the greatest undeserved damage to the image of fund timing has come from the tainted reputations of the hordes of amateurs who have not been able to successfully separate their emotions and fears from their fund timing transactions. Even the best designed of professional fund timing systems require a cold objectivity in implementation to work effectively.

Timing systems don't lose...people do! It's usually not the fund timing systems that lose but the investors themselves who fail to follow their systems with that necessary cold and objective discipline.

The most common argument used to attack the effectiveness of fund timing is that it is often difficult to implement most timing models consistently over time. While this may be true for amateur investors who are more subject to emotional and rational inconsistencies and failures in logic (perhaps the majority), when properly implemented, fund timing can add enormous profits to your TSP account.

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