A Sampling of Recent UNSOLICITED TESTIMONIALS Received from Subscribers...


...I wanted to see how other people are doing with their TSP accounts and what kind of returns they are seeing. It seems that TSPpilot is doing extremely well comparatively and I am proud to have a membership with you. I have begun posting in their forums and it seems that people are very interested in the return rate that I am getting with your recommendations. Any ways, I just wanted you to know that I am happy with TSPpilot and am sharing my experiences with other TSP'ers. You may get a few more new members soon.

M. L., New Smyrna Beach, FL


I have been supremely satisfied with your investment recommendations, and I am now reaping the rewards of all your hard work.

J. S., Casa Granse, CA

THANK YOU TSP Pilot. You all were a God send to me. During the last two years of my Federal Service TSP Pilot shored up my investments with about a 10 times the (ROI) return on our ~$150 subscription fee. Just to let you know that I fully encourage my federal family of friends to give TSP Pilot a go! Very pleased and satisfied TSP Pilot customer.



Just a note to thank you for the message today, and for the overall clarity and openness of your communications including the information on the website.

As a recent subscriber I appreciated your reassuring note that I had not missed a reallocation signal (especially given the ruthless efficiency of the spam filters on the HUD e-mail system), the clear, succinct content of the message, and the link to further information.

I am a former trustee of a public employee pension plan so I'm familiar with the myriad delicate issues involved in communicating complex financial information to plan participants or, in your case, financial services customers. Although your role is not as constrained as that of a pension plan fiduciary, I find your material to be written and edited very well. The website design is also good.

Perhaps most importantly, although I think your basic service and business model show a touch of genius, you don't commit the sin of overselling it. I think the tone of your material is appropriately responsible, sober and straight forward, without the "hard sell," shrill pronouncements, obfuscation or fear-mongering found in so many financial pitches.

If you keep up these standards I will feel very comfortable recommending your service to fellow workers. And please feel free to share this message with anyone who could benefit from this feedback.

B. H., New York, NY

I have seen a dramatic improvement in my TSP account since I have been using TSPilot.

B. O., Westminster, CO

Just a note of appreciation. The discipline of following your system last week saved me from making a couple of moves I know I would have made emotionally. I have already saved several times more than the cost of the two year subscription. I will be attending a conference in a couple of months, and I will be meeting several other Federal Chaplains, (VA, Military, etc.). I am going to refer your services. Blessings on you and your team for your help.

M. L., Waseca, MN

My account balance has grown significiantly since I started using your service, and I'm a believer. Thanks.

L. T., Falls Church, VA

I don't know who you guys are but I would like to personally thank whomever is running the show for your service.

I have only been with your service a few months and by following your suggestions, I have not lost anything on a monthly basis--even when the markets were all over the place.

I checked your numbers with my WAG (wild ass guess) method. What a difference. For every buck I made by following you guys, I would have lost that same amount by doing my way.

Please, please up the great work.

J. W., Park City, UT

I reviewed your advisories for 2004 from Jan. 1st through Sept. 30th. I WAS VERY IMPRESSED!!! I would like to subscribe for a six month period to give your service a try.

B. D., Lebanon, VA

I look forward to receiving your updates, and thank you for being so service-friendly!

D. H., Gaithersburg, MD

Thanks for your prompt reply, I am sold on this program and have renewed my subscription. It has greatly helped me with my investments a lot since I started your program. I have also been approached by others on this program and sent some customers your way. Thanks again.

L. G., Buffalo, WY

TSP Pilot has helped a lot since I did my trial subscription I have gained over $2000 over that trial thanks to you folks!! Thanks again!!

J. J., Houston, TX

I have enjoyed the increased returns my TSP has realized since trying your service. During this time, I've calculated a 50% gain over my prior "buy-and-hold" allocation of 20% in each fund. I'm a strong believer in objective investing and see the unique position the TSP Pilot is in to effectively use fund timing and fund selection.

I had originally signed up on a monthly basis to evaluate the service for a few months. I plan to keep the service and pay on a semi-annual basis.My hope is that the TSP Pilot continues to grow and helps thousands of Federal employees enjoy the retirements they deserve. Thanks!

C. F., Castle Rock, CO

I enjoy your service and it has dramatically increased my earnings.

J. A., DeKalb, IL

I made $3000 in one month using the TSP Pilot Directives.

M. M, Washington, D.C.

I have used your TSP allocation suggestions during the past six month and it has been a great advantage over my old system.

H. F., Fort Collins, CO

I'm a fan of TSP Pilot because it allows me the freedom of mind that someone else is watching the market.

G. S., Portsmouth, VA

The Thrift Savings Plan coupled with your guidance is the best!

C. J., Manchester, NH

I'm really glad I subscribed...a little sorry I did not do so sooner.

R. T., Bethesda, MD

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you TSP Pilot! I am a new subscriber since only 2 months ago. I have followed your advise for these two months and have saved thousands! My wife and I together have over $200K in our TSP accounts, and before TSP Pilot we had almost all of our funds in the C, S, and I funds. So instead of seeing $4K to 6K combined losses for the last two months, we are experiencing nice moderate gains. This is only due to TSP PILOT's advice. I am so glad I signed up to TSP PILOT as I don't look at the market enough to know what is going on. Thank you for watching my accounts and taking care of us!

E. H., Mustang, OK

I really like your service .... you have saved me a lot of money too!

D. D., Potomac, MD

I really love the TSP pilot. I have told many friends about your product and how satisfied I was with the advice and returns. Most, I believe have enrolled.

F. J., Bowie, MD

I figured since I started following TSP Pilot advice, I have earned a few thousand dollars. So far the distributions have been right on. A lot better than my hit and miss projections. I also figured since my TSP account did so well these last few months of using your service, I might as well save more money by subscribing for the 2 year period. All I ask is that you keep up the good work.

D. T., Washington, D.C.


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