TSP Pilot has been the largest single adviser to members of the Federal Thrift Savings Plan for over thirteen years. The research team is dedicated specifically to assisting Federal employees with optimizing and maximizing their Federal Thrift Savings Plan accounts. Our world renown chief investment analyst has over 40 years experience as a professional investment adviser, money manager, author/publisher and trader in the commodities, stock and options markets.

His professional experience dates from the 1960's as an early designer and developer of computer based investment and portfolio strategies for both professional and institutional clients worldwide. Throughout the 1960's and 1970's his well reputed investment newsletters and advisory services were syndicated through many stock brokerage and investment banking firms for distribution to their international clients.

Our chief analyst was the very first to publish a professional advisory service for currency and interest rate futures traders and hedgers in the 1970's, was a key developer of coupon swaps, forex and eurodollar structured interbank products in the 1980's, and was highly reputed as an investment advisor, market letter publisher and professional trader as early as the 1960's. He prefers to remain anonymous only due to his age, security considerations and personal requests from family.

Along with our chief, the balance of our TSPpilot.com staff of analysts has significant combined professional experience over many decades in advising large private and institutional clients in the management of stocks, futures, options, swaps and other cutting edge financial derivative products and in running bond and stock derivatives trading desks for major Wall Street wire houses and for pension and hedge funds.

A few of our market analysts noted in the early 2000's the near total void of useful information available to Federal employees regarding effective guidance for participating in the specific TSP funds other than the very basics. No functional, or even general, information had been provided by the TSP regarding specific fund allocations, investment methodologies or applicable portfolio research. In fact no useful information could be found anywhere publicly available regarding even general fund asset allocation models for the five specific funds in the Thrift Savings Plan--let alone similar specific information applicable to the five TSP index funds.

After over a year of research in rigorously analyzing, testing and applying time proven technical analysis methodologies to the specific five funds in the Thrift Savings Plan he began assisting that relative with her actual TSP account. It was actually she who suggested a similar advisory service be made available to the millions of current TSP account holders many of whom desperately need guidance in managing their TSP fund allocations. The resultant TSP Pilot service was then designed and released in April of 2004. Our chief analyst prefers to remain anonymous for now for personal and security reasons.

As a small virtual company TSP Pilot is not equipped or resourced to provide phone service for more specific investment advice. However, we do respond to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. questions within 24 hours.

TSP Pilot does not directly manage or control investor funds or money and therefore has no actual track record other than the back tested results from its fund timing and selection systems used to produce the current TSP allocation recommendations. Comprehensive information regarding our systems' back testing and verification is available on our systems page (see nav bar link for "Pilot Systems") and in many other locations throughout the site.

The performance record from April 2004 to current, however, reflects the results of actual guidance provided during that period. That record is available to all current subscribers. All available information relating to TSP Pilot investment principles, analysis, policies, approaches, operations and methodologies is currently posted to the very comprehensive TSP Pilot website.

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