Trading Frequency

TSP Pilot systems target intermediate to long term trends and provide exceptionally high returns with only 2-5 complete switches per year between the TSP stock funds and bond funds. Not only do short term trading systems usually lose money they also increase trading costs within the funds. Those increased costs then get indirectly passed along to other Thrift Savings Plan members.

While even infrequent switches will increase TSP fund administration costs slightly, it is the TSP plan members right, even obligation, to reduce market risk exposure by making a few timely switches between stock and bond funds each year.

Instead of staying fully invested in a fixed portfolio during a bear market that will drag down all ships, TSP Pilot accounts will be sidelined into the safe haven of the bond funds saving client's hard-earned contributions to take better advantage of the future bull markets to come. This is the TSP Pilot credo.

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