System Back Testing

TSP Pilot fund timing systems have been extensively back tested and optimized over the last 22 years of price history for each of the Thrift Savings Plan C Fund, S Fund and I Fund--coincidentally the same period tracked by the FRTIB. The last 22 years was chosen as the optimal data base ( It is neither too short nor too long. The last 22 years of market history includes one of the greatest bull markets in history and also one of the most devastating bear markets.

There are also periods of neutral or sideways market activity and several instances of bull or bear "traps" occurring when markets fail to follow through on initial momentum. While not certain, it is highly likely that future stock markets will fall somewhere within the span of the market cycles represented and covered by the last 22 years of the data base.

TSP Pilot systems have been designed to weather all storms and leave its clients dramatically further ahead at the end of the day.

TSP Pilot doesn't show unrealistic and misleadingly sky-high returns. TSP Pilot's fund timing systems for the Thrift Savings Plan funds were designed to be robust, stable and reliable for many years into the future--not just a quick as a "flash in-the-pan." TSP Pilot systems were optimized using advanced "walk forward" and "double blind" testing procedures to assure reliability.

While some competitor's strategies may show very high returns in one or two narrow time periods, TSP Pilot's systems are the most stable, reliable and highest performing over the longer term.

Our dedicated, objective and systematic trend following strategy for the Thrift Savings Plan represents a remarkable improvement over the simple balanced buy-and-hold strategies offered by the TSP "Lifecycle" or L-Fund portfolios. The TSP Pilot portfolios do not "overtrade"--the systems were NOT designed for frequent short term trading.

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