TSP Pilot Performance Overview
Over the past 28 years the TSP Pilot Portfolios outperformed the even highest performing the TSP "Lifecycle Fund" (L Funds), by between 138% and 119% in risk adjusted (UPI) returns (see Table II below)!

TSP Pilot's outstanding performance is based on professional fund timing and fund selection (see main menu bar links above for more info) principles and techniques--the two hallmarks of TSP investment success.

  • Take out the Guesswork
  • Remove emotion from decisions
  • Maximize your returns
  • Lower your market risk
  • Sleep easy at night

How simple is it? Virtually any Thrift Savings Plan account holder can use TSP Pilot to improve investment results. No investing experience is necessary.

TSP Pilot provides specific recommendations for both a Standard and an Aggressive Portfolio to better match your individual risk profile.

TSP Pilot's advisories will tell you exactly which allocation and fund balance percentages to plug into which funds on the TSP website for your account completely simplifying the update process for you.


(See our Glossary definitions for Ulcer Index (UI), Ulcer Performance Index (UPI), Maximum % Draw Down (Mdd), and Annualized % Return (AR))

Table II shows that throughout the entire 28 year history of the database (provided by www.FastTrack.net), the TSP Pilot Portfolios would have dramatically lowered the exposure of your TSP account to downside market risk. In fact the TSP Pilot Standard Portfolio would have exposed you to between 21% and 69% LESS MARKET RISK exposure than even the TSP L Funds.

The most recent history shows a continuation of TSP Pilot's dominant risk-adjusted performance over all of the TSP core and L-Funds.

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