FidSel Sample Advisory


Table IX shows the TSP Pilot FidSel fund selections and correspondng results for calendar 2004. See the fund symbols for the Fidelity Selects. The format and layout of the ETFs Program is very similar.

FSLXX is the fund symbol for the Fidelity Select money market fund. Subscribers may want to select something less than 100% for their commitment level to the non-money market funds in the Program.

An important leverage feature of the FidSel Program is its partial use of the ProFund's Short Small Cap Inverse (SHPIX) fund when sell signals remove accounts from the Fidelity Selects stock funds. The ProFund's Short Small Cap Inverse (SHPIX) fund is the inverse (or short) of the daily Russell 2000 small cap index. FidSel preformance tables VII - IX assume a 50% commitment to the Fidelity Select money market fund (FSLXX) and 50% to the Profunds Short Small Cap Inverse (SHPIX) fund.




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